Selco Builders Warehouse has chosen Sidetrade to undertake its customer satisfaction challenge through data and Artificial Intelligence innovation.

The builders’ merchant has selected Sidetrade’s BrightTarget Predictive Marketing solution to continue its push into transforming the building industry with improved and more personalised customer engagement.

Following the footsteps of the best consumer brands, Selco is using all of its trading history and available data to tailor its customer offers to make it more relevant and improve its customer’s experience. With so many customers, buying so many different products, via multiple channels, Selco needed Artificial Intelligence to help.

Using Sidetrade’s solution, Selco can now analyse all of its data to learn what customers are likely to require and then satisfy this need more appropriately.

As an industry leader in this space, Selco expects to keep one step ahead of its competitors over the coming years as it expands its business across the UK. The BrightTarget Predictive Marketing solution will support its growth strategy of maximising its market opportunity and maintaining the highest levels of brand loyalty.

Olivier Novasque, Chief Executive Officer of Sidetrade Group, said: "Businesses are looking to increase loyalty and customer profitability based on the delivery of continuous value to customers. Already equipped with CRM and mass marketing automation tools, CMOs are now willing to use Artificial Intelligence platforms to connect internal and external data, to get predictive analytics with immediate actionable insights and support decision-making process. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is a critical prerequisite for accelerating business opportunities through data analysis and customer behaviour prediction. Sidetrade is very excited to be part of Selco’s future success.”

Carine Jessamine, Marketing Director of Selco, added: “Selco is in a great position as we lead the way in selling and promoting our products digitally. This means we have lots of data to help us and lots of ways we can offer the best, most relevant products to our customers at the right price. After using BrightTarget for several months, we can now predict what our customers may want in the future and align our offers accordingly to grow our business even faster.”

Glen Westlake, Chief Executive Officer of BrightTarget, a Sidetrade company, said: “It is great to be working with Selco who is very passionate and leading the way in an industry that traditionally has not embraced digital marketing fully. There is a huge opportunity to increase sales using Artificial Intelligence to predict customer behaviour, especially in complex and large businesses like Selco. I am very excited to be part of this project.”