Selco Builders Warehouse Project Tool app, which launched at the end of last year, now allows its customers to complete purchases through their smartphone.

The app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices and features Selco’s complete range of stocked products, where tradespeople have the option to draw up lists of materials, request a price from in-branch staff and create and send a quote to their customers.

Carine Jessamine, Selco’s Marketing Director, said: “We have been hugely encouraged by the popularity of the app amongst people in the trade since it was launched four months ago, and the feedback we have received.

“We are always looking at ways that we can make the lives of those people working in the trade easier, and offering a transactional option on the app was the next step. It means customers can utilise our 30 minute Click and Collect service through their smartphones and enables them to get on to their next job as quickly as possible.

“The app has also removed the logistical headache of manually preparing quotes and sending them to customers, and now the whole process can be completed in the click of just a few buttons.”