Selco has launched an updated version of its website.

The launch marks the start of a range of improvements in the company's digital programme to help tradespeople purchase materials and products in the most convenient way possible.

Enhancements to the website, driven by customer feedback, include a real time stock check - allowing customers to ensure availability of product in a particular branch at the click of a button - and the streamlining the checkout process from five stages to two.

Carine Jessamine, Marketing Director of Selco, said: “The launch of the new website has been a major project over recent months and is a result of extensive research carried out with our customers.

“We have left no stone unturned in terms of achieving the best possible outcome and we are delighted with the end result.

“We had more than nine million visits to the website in 2019 and online sales have risen by nearly 200 per cent in recent years, which shows just how crucial the digital presence of our business is.

“Our last website saw us make some very significant strides, such as publishing our product catalogue online, allowing customers to purchase online for the first time and introducing services such as Click & Collect and Click & Deliver.

“All of those initiatives have provided extremely popular and we have similarly ambitious plans to be industry leaders when it comes to the latest technological advances. We are very confident that the new website will be well received by tradespeople.

“This is just the first in a number of exciting changes we are making digitally as we constantly adjust to the changing shopping habits of tradespeople. We understand that time is money for our customers and they want to shop as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The website is purpose built to help us achieve that.”

The new site also features enhanced search functions and branch pages, while the ability to build project lists – which was previously limited to an app – will now be hosted on the website.

Jessamine added: “We have utilised Progressive Web Applications (PWA) in the building of the website to ensure we have made it as mobile friendly, quick and secure as possible and provide an outstanding user experience for tradespeople.”