Sentinel Commercial’s boiler manufacturer endorsed water treatment chemicals now have more than triple the power when it comes to the protection of commercial heating systems, with each drum able to dose systems over three times larger.

The new ‘Triple Power’ formulations of Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, X300 Cleaner (for new systems), and X400 Cleaner (for older systems), mean smaller or fewer drums are required for bigger jobs, a development which saves significant costs, waste and storage space, and makes for easier transportation, handling and dosing.

The new Triple Power chemicals are available in 10 and 20-litre drums, and a newly introduced five litre drum. As an example of the benefits offered by the new range, an engineer who would previously have used a 10-litre drum to dose a 1,000 litre system can instead pick up a five-litre drum to treat a system up to 1,667 litres – that’s a system which is 66% larger, treated by a drum half the size and weight.