Requirements to stay within the proposed budget means that project managers must spend money smartly to minimize costs. Jeson Pitt, from D&F Liquidators, explains why one of the best ways of doing that is by sourcing the construction materials from liquidators.

1. Simplicity

Instead of using different retailers to source the variety of materials needed by construction projects. those materials, a liquidator can provide everything in one place.

They also offer the choice of buying individual items or in pallets/lots, although it recommended to check the list of items in the pallets to make sure they fit requirements. Buying in lots will also keep the items more organized.

2. Lower prices

As a result of the business model, liquidator prices are generally lower than those of the wider market. And although the prices are lower, the quality of the products is of course the same.

3. Shorter shipping time and lower costs

Shipping costs can easily be overlooked. However the economies of scale resulting from buying wholesale pallets from liquidators can translate into significant savings. This also presents the advantage of limiting the possibility of shipping errors, as well as reducing shipping times and potential delays.

4. Authentic goods

Even though the goods sold by liquidators are second-hand in nature, their authenticity and quality need not come into doubt as liquidators do not buy goods without checking their provenance. They also ensure that the products are functional and without any defect.

5. Market knowledge

The construction industry is regularly subject to regulatory changes, to the point that it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest requirements, which could then prove detrimental to a business.

Liquidator tend to stays informed of these changes, by attending workshops, training programs, for example. They can then share that knowledge with their customers.

6. Eco-friendly

Population growth and the housing crisis are continuously driving further construction. This, in turn, creates a tension with environmental concerns. An obvious and easy partial response to this problem is to make this a more eco-friendly process by employing reused materials. Those can, helpfully, be bought from liquidator.

7. More efficient products

Buying systems as a whole is more efficient and less risky, compared to buying individual products and hoping they work well together. Since those can be implemented more easily, the cost of labor can also be minimized, while the quality and durability of the building is increased.

There are a number of logistical and financial advantages in buying from liquidators. It is certainly an option that should be explored by builders and project managers as one of other strategies to meet their budget.