Awareness campaigns fill the calendar year, however, very few merchants are capitalising on these opportunities to increase margins. Backing awareness initiatives is an effective way to generate awareness of a particular issue and place merchants in a prime position to engage with their customers, as well as benefiting from increased sales opportunities.

For many homeowners, security tends to be an afterthought, and is a reactive purchase as opposed to proactive. The Yale sponsored awareness campaign National Home Security Month (NHSM), is hoping to change this habit by raising awareness of the importance of home security to homeowners across the UK once the clocks go back and the dark nights set in.

Returning for its fourth consecutive year this October, NHSM provides merchants with an ideal opportunity to drive demand for trade services and security products throughout the autumn and winter months. What’s more, research indicates that 40% of homeowners prefer to use professionals to fit products than try their hand at DIY.*

By planning in advance, merchants can take advantage of opportunities in the security sector during what is traditionally regarded as a peak time for sales of security products.

Each week of the NHSM initiative centres on a different aspect of home security, from traditional mechanical solutions, to smart technology and outdoor security. This provides merchants with the opportunity to promote security solutions such as padlocks, cylinders, and new smart security devices. The final week of the campaign has a seasonal tie-in to Halloween and Bonfire Night – statistically the worst period of the year for domestic theft and damage.

By becoming a supporter of NHSM this year, your business can receive greater promotion and recognition from your customers, as they will associate your logo with a national campaign promoted through a wide variety of media both in print and online.


Stephen Roberts is marketing manager for Yale.