Sievert has re-launched the TW 5000, an electronic hot-air automatic overlap welding machine. Using a unique four-wheel-drive system, it is capable of climbing a 30° slope roof without causing wrinkles or folds, and has free-rolling wheels for easy transportation.

The TW 5000 can weld any membrane, such as plastic, rubber and modified bitumen, and is the professional’s choice for all membrane welding roofing applications. Available for hire as well as sale, it is the cost-effective solution.

Sievert TW 5000 is equipped with a high-power fan and powerful heating element that ensures rapid warm up, while the temperature and welding speed are electronically controlled to ensure that a prefect weld, at speeds of up to 7 metres per minute, is always achieved. An LED display provides feedback to the user.

Melvyn Baumber, Sievert UK, said: “The Sievert TW 5000 machine is the ultimate hot air automatic overlap welding machine, which is available for hire as well as purchase for added user flexibility. Professionals choosing to hire the TW 5000 do so knowing it will do the job, quickly and efficiently for all membrane roofing applications, and is supplied fully maintained for immediate operation.”

Innovation and quality are built in to the Sievert TW 5000, which features easily adjustable welding parameters, adjustable handle and front wheels and a specially designed stainless steel nozzle and heat protection system. It also is equipped with an automatic start/stop sensor when the hot air loot is engaged/disengaged in the drive position.

The Sievert TW 5000 is just the latest addition to join the company’s growing range of professional heating, brazing and roofing tools, which brings quality, performance and versatility to the roofing industry.

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