ATAG Commercial has reported a significant 68% increase in sales of its Q Series range of boilers over the last 12 months.

Suitable for most domestic and light commercial applications with a high demand for hot water, the Q Series comprises seven boilers, including three combi models boasting outputs of 25kW, 38kW and 51kW. Four system models are also available, offering outputs of 25kW, 38kW and 51kW, plus a 60kW variant. Each boiler in the range also benefits from multiple cascade configurations, as well as numerous flue options suitable for a wide range of operations.

An advantage of the Q Series is its ability to provide fast and plentiful hot water, continuously supplying up to 23.3 litres at 38°C. This is complemented by an Intelligent Management Control, which monitors flow temperatures to help end users attain maximum energy reduction. As a result, the range is able to achieve efficiencies of up to 110%, which are amongst the highest in its class.

Another benefit for commercial applications is the ability to install Q Series system models in cascade, combining a max of up to eight units on a rig offering an impressive output up to 500kW. To complement this performance, units can be supplied with an optional MADQ Cascade Controller, which allows each boiler to modulate equally, preventing rapid cycling and promote lead boiler rotation.

As standard, Q Series boilers also feature a built-in flue overpressure non-return valve, which allows them to be linked into a communal flue using either a twin or concentric system. Additionally there is also an extensive choice of flue arrangements, including single pipe, twin pipe, and flex liner options.

Paul Martin, National Sales Manager at ATAG Commercial, said: “The Q Series continues to be an extremely popular product across the industry. The boiler’s stainless steel heat exchanger and outstanding efficiencies have ensured these robust units remain the first choice for high quality projects. We’re confident that the Q Series’ reputation will continue to grow in the industry, as more customers realise the quality, durability and all round potential of the range.”

To underpin ATAG Commercial’s manufacturing quality as well as its engineering expertise, all Q Series boilers are supplied with a 5-year parts and labour warranty as standard, while extended 8 and 10-year warranties are available, for added peace of mind.