With technology playing an ever more important role in homeowners’ everyday lives, people are increasingly looking for more convenient ways to control appliances in their home.

In an ever-increasing world of connected smart things, the front door lock is now automated as well. Digital locking allows homeowners to access and secure their homes using a PIN code, which means homeowners no longer have to worry about carrying or losing their keys.

Digital locking also has huge potential for the rental market as you can create a temporary code to give people access, and delete that code just as easily – without having to worry about collecting keys or changing locks. This function is ideal for landlords, or for homeowners who have tradespeople in doing work, or relatives coming to stay.

The penetration of the market is rapidly increasing consumer demand for digital products, which in turn, will provide trade professionals with a new revenue steam and merchants with a new offer to their customers.

As we know, more consumers than ever want “do it for me” rather than “DIY”. This is especially true when it comes to new products and technologies on the market, which people are less familiar with. This provides significant opportunities for a wide range of tradespeople, who can be involved in fitting home security products, ranging from joiners and window fitters, to builders and electricians. And with more and more customers wanting to fit digital security products, this in turn places merchants in a strong position to benefit.

David Herbert is head of marketing at Yale.