Bond It has launched a new High Gloss Block Sealer for enhancing and protecting concrete paving.

To compliment the Drive Alive range, Bond It have now developed a ready-to-use, high gloss, solvent based sealer to provide a clear, glossy protection barrier against oil staining and weed growth. Suitable for use on paving, blocks and patios, the sealer is hard wearing and resistant to chipping. It boasts long lasting weather resistance, even against UV, water and ice and once cured enahances the colour of the substrate, offering a glossy enriched finish. The product also stabilises and reduces weed growth between sand joints meaning less interim maintenance is required.

Supplied in 5L tins, High Gloss Block Sealer is a simple application by brush, roller or squeegee, it is quick curing and can be applied all year round. Its deep penetrating properties provide a long lasting protective finish for up to 2 years and will maintain the performance life of the substrate.

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