With summer comes the demand for timber landscaping and garden projects, which creates strong sales opportunities for merchants. As well as holding the right stock, merchants need to be promoting and educating their customers on the benefits on timber, to help boost summer profits. Phil Taylor, Regional Sales Director at International Timber, discusses some of these key differentiators.

Landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 15-20% on average[1], making it a popular choice with homeowners looking to improve and add value to their property.

In turn, this demand creates strong sales and upsell opportunities for merchants, and stocking a wide variety of quality timber is one of the best ways for merchants to capitalise on the upturn in outdoor home improvements.

Timber is the perfect material for outdoor decking, retaining walls, planters and even exterior cladding. It adds a natural warmth to outdoor spaces and its flexible and durable properties make it a versatile choice for most home improvement projects. Plus, proper maintenance and cleaning can increase life span by many years.

Sustainable properties

Timber is widely recognised as one of the most sustainable and environmentally favourable materials. This is due to its ability to absorb carbon dioxide while growing, and its potential to be recycled or used as a biofuel.

As regulations are increasingly promoting the use of sustainable products in home improvements, merchants should emphasise the sustainable qualities of timber decking to their customers.

International Timber sources from well-managed, credibly certified forests so that the risk of deforestation is eliminated. It works closely with its supply chain to ensure that its products not only meet legislative requirements, but also consider important factors such as the sustainability of raw materials, lowering the embodied carbon of the products and ensuring that social conditions for workers meet internationally recognised standards.

Quality timber

Merchants should advise their customers to invest in timber decking designed to the highest standard to achieve maximum return on investment.

The quality of the timber is key as decking is exposed to various weather conditions and undergoes regular wear and tear, therefore, it’s crucial to invest in timber that is naturally resistant to moisture and rot.

International Timber provides hardwood decking that is highly resistant to fungal growth, which offers naturally superior levels of durability and wear resistance without additional chemical treatment.

Expert guidance can be provided to merchants on the benefits of using hardwood timber for decking purposes, ready for the outdoor home improvement season.

Range variety

As well as durable hardwoods, International Timber supplies a range of softwood decking for a more a cost-effective option. In addition, a variety of modified decking is also available. Products such as Accoya, Thermowood decking boards and slip-resistant decking, provide further options for every type of project, as well as an opportunity to gain additional margin.

Merchants looking to meet demand for decking this summer should consider stocking a wide breadth of product options, as consumer trends adapt, and homeowners look for more tailored solutions.

For example, upselling to hardwood from softwood or adding slip-resistant inserts to areas where slips and trips are likely, allows for additional sales opportunities.

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