GLASGOW: The building industry must continue to support tradespeople and apprentices despite the Chancellor's inadequate and unsupportive Budget, Rok Scotland's managing director Andy Mallice, said.

Building firm Rok is spearheading the 'Repairing Scotland' campaign, calling on Chancellor Alistair Darling to reduce VAT on repair and maintenance work to 5%, which would safeguard jobs and skills by making renovation work more affordable.

"Despite the Chancellor's disregard for one our country's bread and butter industries, we must continue to campaign for the VAT reduction," Mr Mallice stated.

"The Chancellor must recognise his mistake in not implementing this reduction, which would spark extra demand for plumbers, joiners and plasterers, creating and securing thousands of jobs and apprenticeships in the Scottish building industry.

"I urge the industry to throw its weight behind this campaign and ensure that our apprentices have a bright future."

Rok aims to attract 10 000 signatures by the petition's closing date on 14 April.

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