Research carried out by Norbord has found that the overwhelming majority of builders’ merchants and builders associate the name SterlingOSB with quality.

Eighty-three percent of merchants and 77% of jobbing builders agreed that the SterlingOSB name represents good quality.

SterlingOSB’s reputation for quality is rooted in the product’s consistent and reliable performance in a range of building applications.

Whether used simply as site hoarding or in a performance-critical application such as flat-roof decking, SterlingOSB demonstrates a strength and durability equal to many rival products costing much more.

Builders are increasingly choosing SterlingOSB as a cost-effective alternative to imported ply, for many years the preferred material for general purpose use on-site. Unlike ply, which can incorporate knots, splits and other imperfections, SterlingOSB has a consistent structure throughout the board and can be relied upon in structural applications.

It is also entirely UK-made, from homegrown timber, whereas all plywood has to be imported from abroad. And to cap it all, SterlingOSB is a sustainable, FSC-certified, product with an unrivalled environmental profile as well as demonstrating market-leading quality.