Stirling Warrington has announced the appointment of Natalie Chapman to Senior Consultant in the building products division.

Chapman has 15 years recruitment experience recruiting commercially in the industry across the UK.

The first decade of Chapman's career was in the hospitality industry and worked as a hotel manager. It is this experience that has cemented her belief in great customer service and always striving to go the extra mile.

Chapman has been brought in to help strengthen the value added services to Stirling's client base, helping it enhance its recruitment process and ultimately attracting the right people to its business to give a great return on the company's investment.

“I am so delighted to join the team at Stirling Warrington," said Chapman. "I have for a long time come up against Adam and the team as competitors and to be able to join forces and use our decades of joint experience to add more experience and value to our clients is something that I look forward to in 2021 and beyond.”