Suggestions to help merchants stock up and be ready for the specific demands the heating season brings.

According to a recent study by Boiler Guide, January is the month with the highest percentage of boiler breakdown enquiries (15.56%), followed by December (12.01%).  

This means that stocking items essential to boiler and heating system installation and repair is paramount. Here are Arctic Hayes’ top six product ranges to order in now:

Gauges and Hoses

High-quality gauges and hoses are indispensable to heating engineers. Gauges are vital for measuring and monitoring pressure, temperature and other critical parameters in a boiler’s system. Pressure gauges help in ensuring that the system operates within safe limits, preventing over-pressurisation while temperature gauges are essential for maintaining optimal performance and efficiency, as well as preventing overheating.

Radiator servicing

Tools such as radiator bleed keys and drain-down kits are essential for heating engineers to eliminate trapped air and maintain optimal flow in the radiators. Proper radiator servicing ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout a building, reducing energy wastage and enhancing comfort. Regular radiator servicing also extends the life of these heating elements, saving both time and money for homeowners and building managers.

Pipework repair

When it comes to repairing pipework, Pipe Freeze kits are a great option for heating and plumbing engineers – they save vast amounts of time as you do not need to drain down the system, there is hardly any clearing up to be done and there is no disruption to your customers’ home or workplace. They are also extremely easy to use.

Asset/Floor Protection

Products like protective mats, adhesive films and surface protectors safeguard against scratches, spills, and other potential accidents, making the job more professional and less nerve-wracking. These simple yet invaluable items can enhance the overall experience for the customer and contribute to the reputation of a conscientious heating engineer.

Abrasives and Brushes

Every customer wants their heating system to be as efficient and last as long as possible. Although they might seem simple tools, abrasives and brushes play a significant role in ensuring heating systems stay fit for purpose for longer. Over time, heating systems accumulate deposits like scale, rust and corrosion. These impede heat transfer and reduce the system's efficiency. Abrasives and brushes help in effectively removing these deposits, allowing the system to function at its optimum.

Temperature, Gas and Pressure Test Equipment

One of the most critical aspects of boiler care is ensuring the system's integrity. This requires a range of test equipment to monitor temperature, gas levels and pressure. Regular use of this equipment during boiler installations and maintenance can prevent potential hazards, improve energy efficiency and extend the life of the system. Look for models that have clear, easy-to-read LCD screens which provides accurate measurements in various units and scales. Pumps that come with extra-long hoses, like the Arctic Hayes Digital Pressure Vessel Hand Pump which has a three metre hose, means you can easily access hard to reach areas.  

“This is a busy time of year for heating and plumbing installers and we are helping merchants provide their customers with the essential tools and equipment they will need to get the job done,” said Lee Parsons, CEO of Arctic Hayes. “We are providing additional sales support along with outstanding point of sale and the access to high quality products that merchants have come to expect from Arctic Hayes.”