Stockgap has implemented a new recycling policy that means none of its waste goes to landfill.

The new arrangement has also slashed bills by about 35%. Previously all the building materials specialist's waste was disposed of in a single mixed skip, with no clear guarantee of recycling.

Mark Reid, Managing Director, explains that now they separate their waste. Two skips are dedicated for metal and wood recycling. They have a bin for paper and cardboard recycling, and one for a small amount of residual waste that goes to an energy plant. “We are pleased that with very little additional effort we are now ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’”, says Reid.

Stockgap also renegotiated its previous waste disposal contract which had meant expensive weekly mixed collections. The wood and metal skips are now only collected when they are full and only the small bins are collected weekly. This has reduced the waste disposal bill by about 35%.

Following the easy move to on-site separation, the company, which is based in the Southeast, plans to go further and sell the waste metal (mainly used banding straps) for scrap, instead of paying for it to be taken away.

Reid has some advice: “Our experience has shown that it’s possible to be more environmentally responsible and save money at the same time. I’d encourage all merchants to check their waste handling service to see how they can recycle more and reduce their bills”.