The Perfect Companions for Your Tools!

Hultafors, a renowned name in the world of hand tools, has unveiled a whole range of tool carriers encompassing 10 new SKU offerings for the professional user.

Building on the success of its hero Tool Bucket - the new collection offers solutions for every application. From a trolley tool bag, zippered tool bags, and electrician’s tool pouch and bag to two styles of backpack, every product in the range has been meticulously designed to ensure unmatched organisation, durability, and ergonomic comfort.

"Our tools have stood the test of time for more than 140 years. Now, we’ve introduced the perfect companions: tool carriers designed for a modern and demanding work life. We are launching, in total, ten new products, developed for a wide range of users such as construction workers, electricians, and service technicians." says Johan Wijkmark, Product Manager at Hultafors. “The focus during the design process has been on ergonomics, organisation, and accessibility, we want to make it easy to find, carry and organise your tools.”

One of the most eye-catching bags in the range is the Ergonomic Tool Carrier. With a specially designed curved back, users are far less prone to strains when carrying their kit and can hold the carrier close to their body. An extra high handle also makes it easier to pick up with less need to bend down. The handle has a wide rubber covering that provides a comfortable grip along the whole length, making it more manageable and easier to balance an unevenly loaded bag.

Hultafors tool carriers are made from heavy-duty 1680D polyester fabric that is water-repellent, stain-resistant, and durable. This robust material is perfectly suited to cope with the harshest Nordic winters, and all large bags have been tested with a 60 kg static load to ensure they can withstand even the toughest conditions.

The full range is now available to order via Toolbank or directly for Merchants with existing accounts. A comprehensive advertising campaign including product reviews and social media coverage with key industry influences in place to support the range launch, with special buy-in promotions linked to Snickers workwear and high-impact dedicated point-of-sale packages available for Merchants.

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