TIMCO has reported an increase in turnover of 14% (to £49.7 million) for 2020, and is predicting a £60 million turnover for 2021.

The rapid growth, which occurs in the run-up to the company’s 50 years in business, has necessitated an expansion of TIMCO’s facilities in Nantwich, and for the company to embark on a new recruitment drive.

Both the Management and External Sales teams have been further strengthened this year, including seven new Regional Business Consultants bringing the total to 20, as well as the appointment of a new Digital Platforms Manager, and dedicated Ironmongery Product Manager.

During the pandemic, the company experienced a surge in demand for its products, driven by home improvements, the buoyant housing market, and new infrastructure projects.  The investment of £1.1 million to increase warehouse space to 120,000 sq ft the company had made in 2018-19 helped it face the extra demand. But it has introduced further automation for greater efficiency, and has also secured six acres of land adjacent to its current site, which will allow it to double its storage capacity, increase parking and grow the offices further in years to come.

The TIMCO website, re-launched also before the pandemic, has undergone a period of continual development and enhancement. Together with a further shift towards ordering via the website, online sales have therefore increased from 20% to over 50% of all sales within the last 12 months.  

This has been accompanied by extensive rebranding during the pandemic to align all the products under the TIMCO brand. Next-day delivery and direct-to-site deliveries have all been introduced to help customers buy more products.

Simon Midwood, Managing Director and son of the founder, commented: “We are delighted that, despite a challenging year with the pandemic and shortages of raw materials, we have been able to grow the business significantly.  With our 50th year in business nearly upon us, we aim to grow even further and predict a £60 million turnover when our accounts are finalised for 2021.”

Midwood also emphasises the importance of excellent customer service: “We are always looking at ways to further support our customers and provide industry-leading service to our merchants. Our team has been trained to take a ‘Dear Mum’ approach where they look to treat both fellow employees and customers in the same way that they’d like their own family members treated – well supported, with respect, and going the extra mile to deliver excellent service.”