LONDON: To meet ongoing demand for qualified graders, TRADA Technology has moved its strength grading courses to a new, larger venue at ‘The Horse Trust’ in Speen near Princes Risborough, less than three miles from its High Wycombe headquarters.

"Companies who employ qualified graders know how valuable they can be, if the grading of timber coming into the yard or perhaps more critically going out comes into question," said TRADA Technology’s Philip O’Leary.

TG1 Visual strength grading – softwood now spans only five days instead of seven, to save companies time and expense. It will equip delegates to grade softwood to the visual strength grades set out in BS 4978: 2007 Softwood grades for structural use.

At the end of the course they will sit an examination by BM TRADA Certification. Companies with certificated graders may then apply for licensed membership of the BM TRADA Q-Mark VSG scheme.

Dates for 2011 are: 31 January – 4 February, 4–8 April, 13–17 June, 12–16 September and 14–18 November.

TRADA Technology will also run the following courses next year:

  • TG2 Visual Strength grading refresher course – softwood, 3/4 February, 7/8 April, 16/17 June, 15/16 September, 17/18 November.
  • TG3 Visual strength grading hardwood (temperate & tropical). Grading to BS 5756: 2007 Specification for visual strength grading of hardwood, 6–8 July and 30 November – 2 December.