Ten-25 Software has announced that long-serving managing director Norman Symcox will step down from the position, to be succeeded by current product development director Ian Oldrey.

Mr Oldrey has worked at Ten-25 since 1997, and has gained experience in every department to ensure he knows both the business and the product inside out.

Mr Symcox, who has been at the helm of Ten-25 since he co-founded it in 1981, will remain closely involved with the business, but feels the time is right to make the change to keep Ten-25 evolving.

He said: “Ian has proven himself to be the right person for the job, and his inspiration and product innovation will continue to lead the company forward. We have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, and while it gets increasingly hard to stay there in the modern age, I have every confidence that Ian will succeed, and take us into new and rewarding territory.”

With a united vision of evolution, innovation and product development at its core, Mr Symcox and Mr Oldrey are both positive about the future of the business. Mr Symcox added: “A company needs new thinking, innovation, and youth to keep it moving forward. We will continue to serve our existing marketplace, as well as hopefully expanding beyond that into new areas.”