Baxi’s warranty terms and conditions have been given the Crystal Mark seal of approval.

The Plain English Campaign only gives the Crystal Mark to organisations which communicate clearly with their customers. Baxi’s warranty terms and conditions documents have been given the accreditation because they have stuck to the strict rules; criteria include the use of simple, everyday terms, coherent explanations and helpful headings.

Andrea Price, head of marketing for Baxi, said: “We’re always striving to make everything we do as simple and straightforward as we can for our customers, from ensuring that all our documents are phrased clearly and concisely to making sure that our products are easy to use.

“Warranties have different terms and conditions, which can be confusing for customers. With this in mind, we have worked hard to ensure that all our terms and conditions are written in everyday English and we don’t baffle the homeowner with technical jargon. We’re incredibly proud that we have achieved this and are now able to display the Crystal Mark emblem on our documents.”