The BMF surveyed its members and found that they were in favour of merging with the IoBM.

After reading in the Trade Press that the BMF was in talks with the Institute of Builders Merchants, regarding a potential merger, before proceeding with any merger discussions with the IOBM the BMF surveyed its members and the BMF Young Merchant Group. It asked how members would like the BMF to proceed, and in particular whether members would like to see the continuation of the IOBM brand under the control of the BMF.

On the question “Should the IOBM continue and merge with the BMF or cease to exist?” the survey results from BMF members based on 92 responses were 64 in favour and 28 against, which is a 70/30% split in favour of the BMF taking over the IoBM.

BMF Young Merchant Group results based on 28 responses showed 25 were in favour and 3 against, which is an 89/11% split in favour of the BMF taking over the IoBM.

This constitutes a wholly positive response to the proposed merger.

At their May Board meeting, The BMF Board of Directors agreed in principle for the merger to happen. There is an IoBM AGM on 20 June 2018 to dissolve the IoBM, and agree to the proposal of the IoBM continuing to exist by merging with the BMF.

Following the proposed dissolution of the IoBM, it is proposed that IoBM members will be provided with the opportunity to enter into a contractual membership with the BMF. Members will have the opportunity to subscribe to a package provided by the BMF which would provide services such as attendance at events, training, and accreditation in return for a subscription fee.

Completion of the merger will be conditional upon the approval of the BMF Board at the board meeting on 4 July.

Pictured: Allan Durning, President of the IoBM.