The Duck Foot® anchor is the most effective plasterboard fixing in the world, and has been named “the innovation of the future” by the jury of the Alfred Nobel “SKAPA” award.

Available exclusively in the UK from Hexstone Limited, The Duck Foot® is a patented and unique self-drilling drywall fixing that is very easy and quick to install, and can hold up to 50kg of shear load weight from one anchor.

The Duck Foot® provides a reliable and secure fixing, and is able to handle a substantial amount of weight from a single fixing. The self-drilling concept makes it an easy option for anyone looking to affix items to hollow stud plasterboard walls (single or double layer); it’s as simple as: ‘drill, push, attach - done!’ Because it’s so easy and quick to fit, it saves on time, and therefore, ultimately cost, too.

The innovative cutting-edge shape and style only makes a 12mm hole in the wall, which helps to protect the plasterboard, and makes any hole filling thereafter a quicker and easier job; this inevitably gives the Duck Foot® an immediate advantage over some other similar products, which require larger diameter holes.

The Duck Foot® is the perfect fixing for securing a vast range of items to wall or ceiling; ideal applications include: shelves, wall units, TV mounts, speakers, lighting, mirrors, radiators, hooks - the list just goes on!

The supplied M5 x 70 screw permits an object thickness up to 22mm, and installation is carried out using a power drill and a PH2 standard bit.

Duck Foot® is available in packs of 8 and 25, which are tamper-proof, waterproof, and re-sealable.

To witness the ease, speed and performance of Duck Foot®, watch the 50 second ‘how to’ video at: