To support Talasey Group 2018 brochure, the company also announce its new website. The 2018 brochure is available to download from the new site and available on request from Talasey Group.

The Natural Paving range continues to be one of the company’s most popular brands. The range of natural stone flagstones is split across a number of collections including the ever-popular Premiastone, Cragstone and Classicstone ranges.

There are also six new additions to its Vitripiazza collection. 2018 also sees a new product range for the Baksteen brand, the company’s range of cosmopolitan handmade Dutch clay pavers, which are typically thin rectangular shaped pavers.

The new brochure also features the company’s Luxigaze artificial grass and accessories. Making it easier to install, maintain and clean landscaping materials, the Pavetuf range has been designed to help customers protect their investment.

For the first time, the brochure also includes products from the new Resiscape range of resin bound aggregates and accessories.