In the run up to Christmas, there is often a heightened media interest suggesting that homes and possessions are more at risk. This is mainly due to the extra valuables and presents in homes, which act as a big incentive for thieves.

Alongside this, statistics from Cooperative Insurance show that home burglaries increase by 38% during the winter months, simply because homeowners are more likely to be away from the home at this time of year, at parties and other festive events.

With these facts and figures in mind, it’s important that merchants are aware of the increased demand for high-quality security products. To help improve sales opportunities for merchants, the winter also sees a number of awareness campaigns, making consumers more conscious of security risks to their home.

Therefore, it is advised that merchants stock a wide range of products during the peak selling period, from traditional, British Standard security solutions, to new ‘smart’ security offerings. Placing traditional security products, such as padlocks alongside popular smart security solutions is an effective way to increase add-on sales.

Sheds and outbuildings are a prime target for thieves at this time of year, as many homeowners store garden furniture and barbeques over the winter, making padlocks a vital addition to any security range.

Finally, to make the most of winter sales opportunities, it’s also worth thinking about winter promotions and making sure products are positioned prominently in branch, to ensure that trade professionals can get everything they need in one place.

Stephen Roberts is marketing manager for Yale.