Eligible builders' merchants should move quickly to capitalise on the benefits of London's new £10 million Cleaner Heat Cashback Scheme, according to an industry spokesman.

Pete Mills, Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial, (pictured) says that the Scheme will greatly benefit London’s pollution reduction efforts and eligible merchants who could benefit from improved boiler efficiency and reduced operating costs.

He said: “Businesses should act fast to apply for their cashback as the scrappage scheme is time- and money-limited, running until 2020, or until the £10 million has been claimed.

“Opportunities for SMEs to invest in energy-saving commercial boiler systems at a substantially reduced cost do not come along often. This scheme provides businesses with the possibility to increase their boiler efficiency while simultaneously reducing their energy bills. This combination will be particularly beneficial to London businesses, whose overheads tend to be disproportionately high."

The scheme has been designed to encourage SMEs - including merchants - to replace their older boilers with more efficient heating systems, offering 30%-40% cashback. The old boiler must be in working condition and, if it is fuelled by gas, oil or LPG, must be at least ten years old. It can be of any age if it is powered by coal or biomass.

It was launched in July by Mayor Sadiq Khan, as part of a programme of measures designed to improve the capital's air quality.

Mills added: “Now is an opportune moment for these businesses to upgrade to an energy-efficient boiler system, at a substantially reduced cost.

“The time-limited nature of the scheme means that those looking to apply for the cashback should make use of established products on the market that are optimised for replacement and installations and offer an energy-efficient alternative to their existing boiler system."