With the Met Office reporting June as one of the wettest and dullest starts to summer, weed growth continues to thwart home-owners desire for weed free hard landscaping.

There is a product available on the market that is an effective solution to preventing persistent weed growth in the joints on patios, pavements and driveways.

Dansand® No Weed™ is a range of weed inhibitor joint filling products that are used extensively by professional landscapers, garden designers and builders to create a long lasting, beautiful weed free finish.

The naturally high pH value of Dansand® No Weed™ creates desert like conditions making it very effective at inhibiting weed growth and germination. The Dansand® products are water resistant, long lasting and eco-friendly, suitable for use on new and old stone and block paving, driveways, patios, tiles or bricks.

All the Dansand® Products are easy to apply and offer the following benefits.

· Excellent for repointing and repair

· Environmentally friendly

· Highly weed retardant

· Flexible joint material

· Water permeable

Active Products, the exclusive distributors of Dansand® No Weed™ have made three products available within the UK.

· No Weed™ Block Paving Sand, with a stylish light colour

· No Weed™ Stone Dust for paving for dark Joint

· No Grow™ Toplock Paving Joint Fix for jointing and repairing paving.

Ted McLoughlin Sales Director at Active Products says, “We’ve recently seen a sharp spike in demand from homeowners for Dansand® products as the warmer weather arrives. Now is the perfect time to address stubborn weeds on your existing paving or if you’re laying a new driveway or patio, Dansand™ No Weed® will help create solid weed free joints from the outset. The feedback from customers on the product’s effectiveness has been fantastic.”

Discover further product information and how to apply, along with a coverage calculator, all available at www.dansand.co.uk.

For further information please call Active Products on 01371 872 842.