The Timber Decking and Cladding Association (TDCA) and The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) have formed a partnership to strengthen the market for timber cladding and decking.

The partnership will focus on specifier and buyer education to raise awareness and confidence in the timber cladding and decking sectors.

Both organisations have existing agreements with the Wood Protection Association (WPA) – this new collaboration creates a strong triumvirate working on behalf of the timber trade.

The three bodies will work together on projects of mutual interest whilst still maintaining their individual identities and operating as independent trade bodies.

A series of TTF working groups are already looking in depth at Cladding, Flooring and Engineered Wood Products sectors. Output from these groups aims to issue guidance on: avoiding risks, setting standards, and timber species and specification. The TDCA will contribute its knowledge and experience to those groups.

Janet Sycamore, TDCA Director of Operations, commented: “Our directors were strongly in favour of a strategic alliance with TTF, recognising the benefits of expanding the reach of TDCA to a wider audience.

“Initially the agreement was to help TTF implement a programme of education for timber cladding, but we also aim to include decking under the same arrangement. We are excited by the opportunities that working together will bring”.

David Hopkins, TTF Chief Executive Officer, added: “The partnership with TDCA, who are recognised industry experts, brings significant benefits and widening opportunities to TTF, WPA and our respective members.

“The knowledgeable and experienced TDCA team can provide the resources to achieve TTF’s current objectives on both cladding and decking”.