As part of its ongoing programme of operational improvements, Timbmet has announced the expansion and modernisation of its transport fleet.

A total of 12 new fuel-efficient lorries have been leased and will come into service from mid-April. They provide a significant step change in delivery capacity over the vehicles that they replace, including the deserved retirement of two trucks that have each safely completed over 1m miles.

The increase in vehicle capacity also requires growth in the Timbmet workforce, with new drivers and warehouse staff being recruited.

“Timbmet put our customers at the heart of everything we do. This new fleet, supported by improved staffing levels, enhances our delivery capability to customers nationwide, increasing the speed with which we can fulfil orders”, said Shellingford Distribution Centre manager Keith Woolf. “The lease of the two smaller trucks will help us to better service local customers, allowing the new larger vehicles to more effectively distribute our timber and panel products nationally.”