With an impressive combination of technical innovation, cost effectiveness and high performance characteristics, Bond It is one of the UK's fastest growing manufacturers of innovative roofing membranes for the building and roofing sector.

To compliment the recently launched Seal It Liquid Membrane, Bond It have now introduced an additional element to the system to combat the onset of the winter months. Seal It Accelerator is a gel-like additive, that once mixed with the Seal It Liquid Membrane, accelerates the curing process. This allows for installations to be carried out at temperatures below 5oC and permits work to be performed down to an impressive minus 20oC.

The gel is simply added into the membrane and mixed using a heavy duty mixing paddle on a slow speed, prior to roof application. Once incorporated, the gel helps to facilitate full cure at normal speed, on average 1mm per 24hrs, when the outside temperature is below 5oC.

Supplied in 1L bottles for easy dosing, the additive requires no special applicators. This is a simple system in every way that is a cost effective alternative to traditional GRP, PU and bitumen based roof coverings.

For more information on Bond It contact our Sales Team on 01422 315300 or visit www.bonditgroup.com