Tobermore has taken delivery of the first biomethane fuelled forklift truck in the UK and Ireland.

Thanks to its strong relationship with The Alexander Group and Linde Forklifts, Tobermore has availed itself of a biomethane fuelled forklift.

Trials are now underway with a view to completely replace the firm’s 60 diesel-powered forklifts with biogas trucks. The new vehicle will undertake work on-site, while essential data associated with carbon reduction and fuel efficiency is gathered. 

The manufacturer aims to reduce its Scope 1 carbon emissions by exploring alternative, greener fuels. Biogas is renewable, produced locally, and is recognised as one of the world’s cleanest fuels. The company sees this endeavour as another significant step on its decarbonisation journey.

Earlier this year, Tobermore and three local businesses established a collaborative cluster to transform excess livestock manure and grass silage into biomethane that can be used as fuel.

The vision of the Mid-Ulster Carbon Co-operative is to establish a full-scale anaerobic digestion plant that will produce enough biomethane, not just for their own use, but also for injection into the NI gas grid.

David Henderson, Managing Director and owner of Tobermore, commented: “Tobermore is delighted to be trialling the nation’s first biogas forklift truck of its kind. We have a fleet of over 60 diesel powered forklifts which we aim to phase out in favour of trucks that use more sustainable fuels.

“In alignment with our anaerobic digestion plans, we will be able to produce biomethane fuel for our forklifts and lorries. We plan to significantly reduce our need for fossil fuels and hasten our journey towards net zero.”