Having developed a strong online presence, hardware company Toolstop has boosted its profits by 750% - just in time for its 50th year in business.

Established in 1965, when the company opened its store in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Toolstop has a long-standing history in selling quality tools and hardware goods. Since 2000, the company has explored new avenues of business, including setting up a new website and a wholesale department.

Neil Bruce, head of online marketing, said: "Eight years ago on May 1, Toolstop’s website went live, and while we had hoped for success, we really didn't know that with hard work, great products and excellent customer service, we would be dealing in the kind of numbers we have achieved in such a short period of time."

Business has boomed so much that Toolstop’s net turnover is now over £30m. Specialising in the sale of quality tools and ironmongery, the company has expanded its portfolio in recent years to include electrical products and accessories, such as storage and access resources.