Brands within the Travis Perkins Group, including Plumbing Trade Supplies (PTS), Direct Heating Spares (DHS), and City Heating Spares (CHS), have continued to invest in its range of spares services by launching its first dedicated spares apprenticeship.

The first year of the scheme is retail focused, allowing the student to identify the best possible way to provide high standards of customer service. This is followed by six months dedicated to heating spares to enable the student to gain an in-depth knowledge of the product range. At the end of the scheme the apprentices will achieve a Retail Apprenticeship Level 2 and the opportunity to join the PTS, DHS, or CHS businesses full-time.

The first three apprentices are now completing the scheme. Shaun Marrows, the spares apprentice for PTS, said: “It’s been interesting coming into a new industry and learning new things every day. I have a largely retail background, having worked with a number of high street brands, so it’s good to bring this experience to a completely different, but still very service orientated business. My aim is to hopefully continue working within PTS to apply everything I’ve learned.”