Travis Perkins Group, led by its Sustainable Building Solutions (SBS) brand, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Geo-Environmental Sciences.

The addition of environmental services means that the Group can provide a complete whole house assessment and solution design service which applies to all stages of a building development, while specifying readily-available products.

The services from Geo-Environmental Sciences focus on ground analysis activities such as slope stability assessment and erosion control, as well as other geotechnical design parameters such as hydro-geological, contamination, and basement impact assessments.

The new set of services is accessible through a number of Group brands such as Keyline and Travis Perkins. This is backed by the SBS team who can assist with various design and assessment requirements to help contractors avoid unexpected problems and delays on-site, which often result in additional costs.

Paul Joyner, managing director of SBS, said: “With brownfield sites often the only choice for development and with ever tightening construction deadlines, we recognised the need to complete our package of services through the addition of environmental designs and assessments. The partnership with Geo-Environmental Sciences means we not only offer specific product and technical solutions, but we can also assist with site assessments and solve any potential problems to ultimately avoid costly set-backs.”