Local builders’ merchant Travis Perkins offered a free breakfast to residents and commuters in Belgravia to celebrate their heritage in the local area and to raise awareness around a planning request which threatens the historic Travis Perkins branch in Pimlico.

Martin Meech, Group Property Director at Travis Perkins plc, said: “The Travis Perkins branch, previously Newson’s Timber Yard, on Pimlico Road has been serving the Belgravia community for over 175 years and we’re passionate about keeping the branch in operation for years to come”.

“We want to highlight our roots and heritage in the area, and to raise awareness of our contribution to the community”.

Councillor Jason Williams, representative for Churchill Ward in Belgravia, also joined the Travis Perkins apprentices and local branch staff in distributing copies of Belgravia Today, a special edition newspaper focused on the Timber Yard and its history.

Jason Williams, Councillor for Churchill Ward, said: “I was delighted to support the Save Newson’s Timber Yard campaign today, as Travis Perkins staff engaged with the local community on their morning commute.

“I very much hope the local community can retain this Timber Yard they cherish so dearly and I will continue to do everything I can to support the campaign.”

In 2016, a Westminster City Council planning committee granted permission to the Grosvenor Estate to redevelop the timber yard into two 10,000 sq. ft. retail spaces and expensive residential apartments. Over 2,000 local residents signed petitions urging the Grosvenor Estate to withdraw their planning application and to keep the timber yard. The judicial review is set to rule on the fate of the timber yard, with a decision expected on 31st October.