Travis Perkins has united with Recipro to support the online exchange company’s efforts to direct surplus stock and any re-usable materials from customer sites to worthy causes.

The objective of this partnership is to not only reduce wastage and improve environmental practices, but for Travis Perkins to support the community projects Recipro works with on a daily basis.

The UK construction industry generates 90m tonnes of waste per annum with 14% of this waste comprising of stock, which is never used and simply disposed of.

Recipro was launched to provide a link between these unwanted materials and the community projects which desperately need them. Through the help of Travis Perkins branches and identified construction sites, Recipro will now be collecting donations to make available through its reuse centres in Wirral, London, Cardiff, and shortly Swansea, and via its website.

John Leader, head of waste management solutions at Travis Perkins, said: “Waste disposal continues to be a hot button topic within the industry and we are always striving for new and innovative ways to reduce our wastage. Working closely with Recipro has allowed us to not only reduce our landfill costs but also gives us the peace of mind that surplus materials are going towards worthwhile causes such as community groups, charities and schools.”

Rebecca Owens of Recipro added: “Having a working relationship with a merchant such as Travis Perkins is testament to the seriousness of waste disposal in the construction industry and highlights the simple solutions which are available to help combat this ongoing issue. Donations from Travis Perkins branches will help us to support a great many more community projects in need.”