In a continued bid to reduce its environmental impact, Triton Showers has made some significant savings in the last 12 months, while setting a series of ambitious goals for the future.

Triton began a concerted sustainability effort back in 2015 and reached its own objective of zero waste to landfill two years before target. Since then, the company’s aspirations have continued to grow, with a series of investments.

The implementation of a new shrink wrap process has resulted in a reduction in plastic use of 3,180 kg per year, while the introduction of LED lighting throughout the company will see a reduction in carbon of 178 tonnes and a further 12.5% by the end of 2020. The company has also reduced its gas consumption by 32% and water consumption by 31%.

Office staff have helped to achieve further savings through the introduction of a paperless desk policy as well as a series of new processes that resulted a reduction in paper waste of 28.5%.

Commenting on the company’s sustainability strategy and progress to date, Dave Tutton, Managing Director, said: “As a responsible British manufacturer, the business has set itself a series of bold sustainability objectives – we have a duty of care to make sure we leave a minimum impact on the environment. From the manufacture of products which are fully recyclable, to minimising the creation of waste at the point of production and through the entire lifecycle, we are making progress but there is still some way to go.”

“Looking ahead, we will continue to increase our goal for the reduction in packaging waste. By 2020 for instance, three of our major suppliers have been tasked with using returnable packaging, two of which have already complied.”