Stuart Keighley and Al Laverty of CEMEX Readymix Central region are getting on their bikes to cycle from the CEMEX Uddingston office near Glasgow to the company’s Thorpe office near Heathrow.

They will cover 600 miles (966kms) in five days calling at three CEMEX offices along the way, all in aid of the charity, RoadPeace.

“RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims is chaired by Cynthia Barlow. She has been involved with the charity since her daughter was killed in 2000 in a road collision involving one of our readymixed concrete trucks.

“Since then, CEMEX has come a long way in cyclist safety awareness with regular driver training, fitting safety features to our vehicles that will aid the driver and helping to educate cyclists about safe cycling around large goods vehicles. But there is still a long way to go, which is why we are doing this ride,” said Mr Keighley, regional director at Readymix.

He continued “We want to raise awareness among our driver community in particular, there are still so many incidents on the roads that we can’t be complacent. The ride will be hard, but nowhere near as hard as coping with the death of a loved one in a road accident.”

Cynthia Barlow, chair of RoadPeace said: “Since I became involved with RoadPeace I have met many other victims, both cyclists and pedestrians, of incidents involving large vehicles working in the construction industry. We believe that these are not ‘accidents’ they are preventable and avoidable tragedies. I continue to be grateful for all the work that CEMEX has done to improve working practices in the management of their vehicles and to set higher ‘good practice’ standards which other companies can follow.”