Olympia Tools is set to help tool stockists capitalise on the success of one of the bestselling and most popular brands of wrecking bar currently on the market.

The company - which distributes the Roughneck brand of hand tools and workwear - has recently extended its widely respected Roughneck Gorilla Bar range by developing and repositioning two of its existing products.

The first of the two products to be refined and repositioned is the Roughneck Utility Bar. Renamed the Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar, this tool now benefits from an innovative profile which is “I” shaped in cross-section.

Further features offered by the new Roughneck Gorilla Utility Bar include a flat anvil on the neck which can be used for striking as well as three integrated nail pullers.

The second product to be added to the Gorilla Bar® range is the enhanced Roughneck Bonsai Bar™. Now called the Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar™, this tool also benefits from a revised shape which enables it to deliver even greater levels of strength.

Two variants of the Roughneck Gorilla Bonsai Bar are available.