UAP, the specialist in locks and hardware for doors and windows, has launched a new hinge compatible with both right and left doors.

Manufactured in-house by Security Hardware, which was acquired by UAP last year, the Universal Flip Axis hinge has a patented lift on and off design. This means it can be easily fitted to right or left doors without swapping the pin. Compression, height and lateral adjustment can be achieved with door closed, preventing any unsightly gaps.

Available in rebate sizes ranging from 17mm to 25mm, the hinge has a contemporary appearance and comes in seven different colours, including white, chrome, black, gold, brown, oak and anthracite grey.

Gareth Davies, Area Sales Manager for UAP, said: “The Universal Flip Axis hinge has already been tested by several fabricators. Following its success and the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve built up our stock levels and are now formally launching the product to the wider market.

“We believe the hinge’s unique design is one of the most advanced available. A universal jig enables door manufacturers to install the product very quickly making it ideal for high volume assembly where speed is essential. To further ease fabrication, all the components are preassembled in a box.

“With a wide range of sizes and colours available, the hinge can also meet any design requirement.”

As with all products manufactured by UAP companies, the Universal Flip Axis Hinge has undergone rigorous testing to ensure quality and performance. It meets the BS EN 1670 Grade 4, and BS EN 1191 standards, and is also PAS 24:2016 compatible as part of a door assembly.

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