UAP has launched a new patented feature which sees the IONIC become the first electronic door lock to detect different forms of attack.

Created thanks to haptic technology, which uses sensors to sense/detect the heat and vibrations, the innovation alerts the homeowner via their smartphone if there is any attempt to break in or risk of vandalism.

If the door is kicked, if a drill is used on the lock, or if someone tries to gain access without using the IONIC App or key fob, the homeowner will be notified immediately. The technology can also detect heat, so will send an alert if there is a fire outside the door or if a blow torch is used.

Launched in 2023 following four years of research and development, the IONIC is the first in a series of smart products to be launched by UAP’s Fullex-ai brand.

Commenting on the new feature, David Jennings, CEO of UAP, said: “We developed the IONIC’s haptic technology based on customer feedback which signalled a growing demand for more robust security covering all eventualities.

“Although most electronic locks provide a very safe option there are still vulnerabilities, which we have resolved with this new feature. Homeowners can now benefit from an unrivalled electronic lock that is always on guard.”

The IONIC’s high levels of security add to a range of features designed to improve the experience both for both fabricators and the end user. 

No complex wiring is needed to install the lock with a setup that mirrors the Fullex Autolock. Unlike other electronic locks, the IONIC also has an integrated power supply and allows wireless charging. A wireless unit, which fits easily to a door frame, connects to a control unit and powers the lock.

Providing flexibility, the homeowner can set up new users and a wide range of time settings using the IONIC App. It is also possible to set up one-time-only access for workmen and to add and delete users at the press of a button.

Available in anthracite grey, chrome and white, the IONIC can be paired with rose handles to complement interior design briefs. Alternatively, it can be installed with classic door handles on a backplate or high security front door handles.