Following the successful launch of Dakea’s Ultima roof window in 2017, the company is now expanding the range further with Ultima Energy.

The new generation of roof windows incorporates triple pane construction to create an extremely low U-value. Now available with a PVC frame, Ultima Energy is ideal for projects that have stringent energy efficiency requirements.

Available now, the Ultima Energy offers a significant improvement to the previous Ultima when it comes to energy efficiency. Due to the window’s three pane construction which is filled with krypton gas (conducting 46% less heat than frequently used alternatives, such as argon) the wooden product offers an excellent Uw-value of 0.99 W/m2k. This, combined with the window’s two different layers of heat reflective and sun protective coatings, keeps properties cool during the summer and warm during winter, reducing household energy bills.

Crucially, the range still incorporates two methods of noise reduction technology: airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation. This is achieved through its unique combination of a toughened 6mm thick external pane, two layers of sound absorbing foil and cladding with noise absorbing tape which reduces the volume of both external noise and impact sound by half.

Following customer demand, the Ultima Energy now also comes with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frame, alongside the traditional natural and white wood frame used within the previous range.

Providing the homeowner with ultimate peace of mind, Ultima Energy comes with a 20-year guarantee as standard that is easily transferable with no registration required. Showing further confidence in its toughened 6mm thick external pane, the pane also boasts a lifetime warranty against hail.

“The Ultima Energy is a natural advancement of our existing range,” commented Lee Griffiths, Technical Sales Manager GBI at Dakea. “As well as its improved energy efficiency and PVC frame, installers will be pleased to know that Ultima Energy benefits from the same straight-forward installation process when using the unique Underfelt Foil Collar (RUC) and the Insulating Foam Collar (IFC) as the Ultima.

“Maintenance also remains simple as the external pane still incorporates the titanium-dioxide coating which holds on to microorganisms and dirt, which are washed away by rain water.

“As a company, we have over 75 years’ experience in innovative roof design and manufacturing. We hope customers are intrigued by the new features of Ultima Energy and are assured that the high-quality and durability of our systems remain paramount.”

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