A dry fix ridge system that is uniquely universal has been launched by construction materials group Breedon.

The group has pulled no punches with its first building product launch since its Lagan Group takeover, introducing a fixing system where the unique ridge union adjusts for ridge thickness, that is the ridge union brackets are fully adjustable so they are equally suitable for  clay and concrete ridge tiles.

Prior to this, dry ridge fixing systems have been particular to the type of ridge tiles being used, so housebuilders constructing a variety of house types with different ridge tiles will find Breedon’s precision-engineered innovation particularly easy to fit in addition to time and money-saving.

The group’s new universal dry ridge system is suitable for ventilating and mechanically fixing all types of concrete or clay ridge tiles on pitches of between 12.5° and 60°. The boxed kit comes complete with ventilated ridge rolls, union brackets, clamping plates, screws and washers, and ridge batten straps for a six-metre length.

Fully tested by the BRE, the system is water resistant and UV stable, complies with BS 8612 and an animated installation video can be viewed at www.breedongroup.com/products/roof-tiles.

Commercial director Mark Morris said the launch had been made in response to client demand and to meet the trend for housing developments that comprise multiple house and building materials types.

The new universal dry ridge system also complies with BS 5534 Code of Practice for slating and tiling which requires ridge and hip tiles to be fixed mechanically, in addition to or instead of mortar.

“We are proud that our first product launch onto the market has been with a universal dry ridge system which is the only one on the market flexible enough to cater for all the types of ridge tiles,” said Mark.

The universal dry ridge system launch is the latest addition to Breedon’s roofing portfolio which already features four types of concrete tiles (the interlocking Flat tile, large-format Roman-style Double Roll tile, low-profile Square Top tile and the thinner, slate-like Elite tile) as well as standard and ornamental ridge tiles and finials.

Breedon’s building products division now plans to look at introducing complementary hip and verge systems.