Whitesales, the rooflights and daylighting specialist, has updated its website to make it easier for different types of customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Merchants, contractors, architects, homeowners and fabricators now just select from a drop-down menu to access the relevant products and technical and purchasing support.

Alex Gallop, Whitesales’ Marketing Communications Manager, explained: “If you’re a homeowner browsing for a rooflight system for your home, you need very different information from an architect who’s specifying a continuous rooflight system for a hospital.

“We’ve reorganised the website so that there’s an intuitive online journey for every type of customer - taking them directly to the products and support they need.

“For instance, the merchant pages feature the product catalogue, access to our merchant support package and RUFUS, our online rooflight configurator, while for fabricators, there’s information on our partnership proposition, how-to installation guides and a focus on our new roof lantern.

“Visitors can obviously choose to browse the whole website; this is just the latest example of how we make it easy to work with us.”

The updated Whitesales website is at: https://www.whitesales.co.uk/