Uponor, the global solutions provider for the delivery of safe drinking water, has been awarded Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval of up to 16 bar for its range of MLC (multi-layer composite) on boosted cold water supplies.

The approval provides specifiers and installers with a corrosion resistant alternative to traditional copper and metal systems for taller buildings.

The latest certification is an important step forward for Uponor, enabling the manufacturer to supply high rise apartment buildings with clean, WRAS approved cold water through its 16 bar MLC riser, ‘Uponor Uni Pipe’.

Previously, Uponor's systems were limited to 5 to 6 storey buildings, so this approval puts the company on par with traditional metal and copper piping. With WRAS approval at 16 bar pressure for boosted cold water, Uponor Uni Pipe MLC eliminates the challenges of delivering water with plastic systems beyond 5 or 6 storeys, to provide a seamless and efficient solution that meets the demands of modern buildings and designs. Moreover, thanks to the company’s tried-and-tested connection technologies Uponor Uni Pipe MLC enables a complete system into apartments, along corridors, and with vertical risers, to deliver boosted cold water throughout the building.

Uponor's MLC Uni Pipe consists of an aluminium core layered inside and out with high temperature resistant polyethylene to provide a smooth internal surface. This helps to improve the flow rates and reduces friction to maintain pressure and guarantee a good flow rate of water at the outlet. What’s more, the pipe provides excellent flexibility for faster install time as it can be bent manually during installation, eliminating the need for elbow joints or additional fittings. This removes the potential for leaks and improves the system's integrity.

James Griffiths, Senior Marketing Manager for North-West Europe at Uponor said, "While WRAS certification is not mandatory, it is one of the most recognised standards for ensuring the system's suitability for use with drinking water and demonstrating compliance with the Water Supply Regulations for water fittings and materials. This approval demonstrates our commitment to innovation and providing our customers with solutions that meet the highest of industry standards. We are one of the few companies that can meet the demands of operating at 16 bar pressure.”

With over 40 years of successful service and more than 3.8 billion metres of installed piping, Uponor MLC has the longest record of performance in the industry. For more information, visit www.uponor.com