Belgian brick and pavers manufacturer, Vandersanden Group, has today announced its acquisition of Hoskins Brick, the company’s exclusive UK distribution partner.

Vandersanden Group is one of the largest brick manufacturers in Europe, with a total annual production capacity of approximately 370m bricks. The company consists of Vandersanden Belgium with two factories in Spouwen and Lanklaar employing approximately 210 people, and Vandersanden Netherlands with two factories in Hedikhuizen and Spijk, employing approximately 120 people. There are also five members of staff working at a sales office in Northern France (Halluin).

Jean-Pierre Wuytack, chief executive of Vandersanden Group, said: “Our company has been active in the UK for over 20 years using Hoskins Brick as its exclusive business partner. The decision to now acquire Hoskins has been linked to several key factors. We have been keen to operate directly in the UK for some time. This, coupled with the imminent retirement of Hoskins Brick’s chairman Alan Hoskins, led to negotiations between both parties and we jointly felt it was an appropriate time to enter into an acquisition agreement.”