Watts Water Technologies, global manufacturer and supplier of water and heating technology, has joined the BMF as a Supplier Member.

Since 1874, Watts has contributed to technological advancements in the industry with a focus on continuous improvement and delivery of the highest quality products. Watts’ know-how, combined with a focus on product reliability, health and safety, and protection of the environment, has made Watts a key provider to the plumbing and heating industry.

Watts Industries UK encompasses brands such as Socla and Microflex, ranges such as Black Teknigas and Electro Controls and unique market leading products in OneFlow and Powerseat. It is pivotal in the development of water technologies at point of entry and point of use. It is also instrumental in heating controls and gas valves, enabling it to provide solutions across the domestic and commercial portfolio, including Plumbing and Flow Control, Water Quality and Conditioning, Water Reuse and Drainage, HVAC and Municipal Waterworks.

“The BMF plays a vital part in co-ordinating all sectors of the construction industry and we are pleased to be working with them to support those that require water technology products,” said Dave Raynor, Product Manager Watts Industries UK. “As a supplier of well-known products and brands we are ideally placed to provide solutions to a variety of industries and applications and we look forward to working with the BMF to facilitate this.”

BMF CEO John Newcomb said: “We are delighted that Watts has joined the BMF and already has plans to utilise their membership to the full. I am looking forward to working with them in the coming months.”