Tradespeople are most concerned about the skills shortage and lack of training, according to a survey by Wavin.

The plastic pipes manufacturer surveyed 149 plumbers and heating installers, and found their biggest worries were the lack of skilled workers and good quality training.

But they would still recommend plumbing as a career, thanks to plenty of work available and high levels of job satisfaction.

More than half (56%) of respondents said the skills gap is the biggest threat facing the plumbing industry today.

Wavin is makes Hep2O plastic push-fit pipes. The brand’s Marketing Manager Karen Stables said: “It is no secret that the construction industry is in the midst of a skills shortage. Earlier this year, it was revealed that plumbing is just one of many skilled professions where demand outweighs supply, and without intervention, this can only get worse. Our survey only reinforces how large scale the issue is becoming.

“If we, as an industry, are to tackle the issue effectively, we need to look at the reasons behind the skills gap and address those accordingly. At Hep2O, we actively work with colleges and students to engage new talent entering the profession, to complement our existing eLearning and CPD courses.”

Participant John Allen said: “I never win anything so this was a great surprise!”

“I’m sure I speak for most installers when I say that the industry needs more skilled workers, and I’m pleased to see a manufacturer like Wavin raising awareness of the issue.”