WernerCo, the manufacturer of ladders, has recently donated a range of equipment to several charities across the UK that provide education and employment opportunities in construction to a variety of those in need.

Veterans and young adults will now be able to work towards a career in the industry, with the help of charities Building Heroes and Construction Youth Trust. Meanwhile, low-income families will have a better chance of getting on the property ladder, through the initiative of Housing People Building Communities (HPBC).

The donations from WernerCo, which include stepladders, work platforms, fibreglass ladders, extension ladders and stepstools, pose opportunities that might otherwise be difficult to come by. Each charity relies heavily, if not completely, on donations, making those of quality all the more impactful to its operations.

Liza Parry, chief executive at HPBC, said: “Working at height has immense significance in the service we deliver and we have to be able to do so safely using the right equipment. Through self-build and community involvement, with corporate support, we’re able to tackle the issues that surround the housing crisis head-on.”

For HPBC, the equipment will provide low-income families with some of the safe and reliable resources they need - free of charge - in order to build their home.

At Building Heroes and the Construction Youth Trust, veterans and young adults will learn how to safely and competently erect, use and dismantle access equipment. By gaining these skills, each will then have made a start towards a successful career within construction, whilst helping to fill the large skills shortage.

Nick Platt, UK managing director and VP of operations EMEA at WernerCo, said: “We understand the importance of providing those in the industry with full and thorough training in order to ensure safety at all times. We believe the work done by each charity is invaluable in providing each audience with such training, and so it’s only natural that we ensure this training continues to be available.”