With the start of autumn just around the corner, homeowners will be starting to create a list of home improvements they need to implement before the unforgiving season of winter emerges.

With the seasonal change looming home improvements generally move from the exterior to the interior, but some homeowners will also choose to ‘winter down’ their exterior areas ready for the change in climate.

The sudden surge in home interest at this time of year provides trade professionals with the perfect opportunity to promote their services and maximise profits.

Top areas for home improvements:


This is one of the areas that homeowners choose to ‘winter down’ in the early stages of autumn. Recent studies showed that a third of homeowners spend money on improving their garden every year, either in the form of: landscaping, adding fences or creating eating areas, by laying decking. With such a large number of homeowners making these alterations every year it provides merchants with the perfect opportunity to increase sales.


Applying new flooring to the kitchen, and other high traffic areas can instantly change the look and feel of a home, as well as increasing the perceived value. With visitor numbers increasing during the festive winter months, now is the ideal time for consumers to invest.


The hallway is another area of the home that becomes a key focal point during the festive season, with constant visitors ‘popping round’ to drop gifts off and neighbours hand delivering cards. The majority of these visitors will rarely get past the entrance so the hallway will be on full display to a variety of different eyes, which makes it a key priority for homeowners at this time of year.

Living rooms

Within the home renovation sector, mouldings are becoming an increasingly popular addition for homeowners looking to add instant character to their living spaces. Mouldings also allow installers to cover up, tidy up and smooth off unsightly edges and expansion gaps, helping to create the perfect finish in any room.

By stocking a variety of different home improvement ranges merchants can help installers keep up with the growing consumer demands this autumn.

Paul Lerigo is marketing director at Richard Burbidge.